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Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Columbus, Ohio

White Light Behavioral Health offers premier addiction treatment across Ohio. We provide comprehensive treatment services for individuals diagnosed with substance use and mental health disorders, ranging from detoxification to outpatient care.
Columbus, OH
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White Light Behavioral Health Facility

About Our Treatments & Inpatient Programs

Our mission is to be a transformational experience for patients and their loved ones. Leading a life free of substances is possible. At White Light Behavioral Health you will receive the highest standard of clinical excellence, an ideal recovery environment, and safe, respectful, compassionate medical care.

Our Substance Use Disorder Programs

At White Light Behavioral Health, we transform lives by providing a clear pathway to a life free from substance dependence. Our approach combines clinical excellence with compassionate care, addressing both the symptoms and the underlying causes of addiction for sustainable recovery. From the moment you enter our serene and secure facility, you’re supported every step of the way in a respectful community atmosphere. Our comprehensive treatment programs are tailored to meet individual needs and spans through all levels of treatment intensity.

Our core values - W.E. C.A.R.E

In the WE CARE culture, we embody WELLNESS through demonstrating empathy, compassion, and connection.

We demonstrate EXCELLENCE with best-in-class, safety-focused clinical and medical treatment, strong leadership, and a passion for patient care.

Our COMMITMENT to recovery and the community is shown through philanthropy, loyalty and unity. We believe that true recovery is an effort that requires the dedication level of “all in, all the time”.

We encourage ACCOUNTABILITY in all day-to-day activities, and honor that accountability through holding people accountable to the truth; with an understanding that truth without love is cruelty. Tell the truth with love.

As a patient, you will always be treated with RESPECT here. Our conversations and actions are hallmarked by honesty, integrity, trust, and humility.

We strive to EMPOWER all staff and patients to succeed, and White Light Behavioral Health is a place where all are welcome and encouraged to thrive and develop in an inclusive, diverse, and equitable environment.

At White Light Behavioral Health, clinical excellence isn’t just a goal—it’s a standard. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals who use evidence-based practices to ensure the best outcomes for our patients before during and after treatment. By focusing on holistic care, we aim to heal the body, mind, and spirit.

White Light Behavioral Health

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The White Light Behavioral Health admissions team works around the clock to ensure that we can help as many families as possible. Verify your benefits now and someone will be in touch.

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