What is the 12th Step of AA

Embracing Recovery: Understanding the 12th Step of Alcoholics Anonymous Alcohol addiction is a complex challenge that affects individuals from all walks of life. It can lead to significant personal, social, and legal problems, impacting not only the individuals struggling with addiction but also their families and communities. Among the various support systems available, Alcoholics Anonymous … Read more

How Long Has Alcoholics Anonymous Been Around?

How Many Years Has AA Been Around? Alcohol addiction treatment in a reliable licensed addiction treatment center, like White Light Behavioral Health, is always a good place to start a recovery program. It’s the right place for addiction sufferers to take a permanent break from their substance use while getting their feet planted firmly back … Read more

What is The 12th Step of AA?

The Transformative Power of the Twelfth Step The Twelve Steps of Recovery stands as the cornerstone of the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) recovery program that has likely saved countless lives since the program’s founding in 1935. Without the creation of the Twelve Steps to guide people through the recovery process, it’s likely the program would never … Read more

Who Started Alcoholics Anonymous?

One Man’s Addiction Started a Revolution in Recovery Who is Bill W? He is one of the two men credited with starting AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). Born in Vermont, under ordinary circumstances, Bill Wilson would go on to have a decidedly extraordinary impact.  Bill Wilson’s Early Background Born in 1895, Bill Wilson was hit with some … Read more

How Alcoholism Affects Families

Alcohol and Its Effect on Families: A Comprehensive Guide In a society grappling with the pervasive issue of alcohol addiction, understanding its repercussions on families is crucial. You and your loved ones are not isolated in this ordeal. Many families are embroiled in a continuous battle against the debilitating consequences of alcohol addiction. Fortunately, when … Read more

What is Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Steps

What Is Alcoholics Anonymous and the Twelve Steps? The discovery that you or someone you love is struggling with an alcohol use disorder often leads to a search to find the right type of program to support sobriety. With an estimated count of nearly 2,000,000 members worldwide, Alcoholics Anonymous is widely recognized for helping people … Read more

Can Alcoholism Be Genetic?

The Relationship Between Alcoholism and Genetics You may have observed that alcohol use disorder often runs in families. You may even have heard people refer to the “alcoholism gene.” This has led some to believe that alcoholism is purely based on genetics. While it is true that genetics do play a role in the likelihood … Read more

Why is Withdrawal Painful?

Understanding Why the Withdrawal Process Can Be Uncomfortable One of the fears that prevent those suffering from a substance use disorder from getting help is the fear of going through drug withdrawal. Drug withdrawal is an aspect of the detox and recovery process that gets much attention in the media and on television. Drug withdrawal … Read more

AA vs NA & Which is better for you

Is A.A. or N.A. Better for You? You may be considering a support group if you are suffering from an alcohol or a drug addiction. However, will Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) or Narcotics Anonymous (N.A.) meet your needs? There is no one-size-fits-all answer, so we’ll look at what each one offers instead. Alcohol Addiction or Alcohol … Read more

Can Alcohol Abuse Cause Brain Damage?

The Link Between Alcohol Misuse and Brain Damage Most people understand that serious alcohol-related brain damage can happen if they drink heavily for many years. However, what is surprising to many is that negative effects on the brain could begin after just a few sessions of heavy drinking. How Alcohol Impacts Brain Function Alcohol use … Read more